Bio & Press Kit

ALVIN ARONSON (Studio OST / White Material, US)

Hailing from rural Missouri by way of New York and LA, Alvin Aronson is a musician and DJ rooted in experimental sound design and future-primitive techno.

The White Material Records affiliate’s first two EPs showed his sonic range and deep production skills. Through City EP’s primordial drones and jacking machine funk and High Rise’s saturated palette of metallic drums and vertiginous chords, Aronson was quickly labeled “a dangerous talent”.

Aronson’s live sets cut vectors through space and time, using modular synthesis to render immersive atmospheres and hypnotic drum tracks at their most sublime. Each set is tailored to its context and have spanned a range of venues, from smokey warehouse parties to backwoods estates.

Most recently he has recorded with fellow White Material labelmate Galcher Lustwerk recording under the name Studio OST. The pair’s latest LP, Scenes (2012–2015), compiles cinematic ambience alongside Rust Belt club cuts.